We have set up an experimental Members site at

In this site we explor ways in which working with higher levels of consciousness may be helpful in individual’s personal lives and in the building of businesses and not-for-profit enterprises.

The ‘private’ pages on this site are for Members only and  need a password to enter.  This is to enable members to explore personal issues which they may not wish to have in the public domain.

The Objects of he WiseCreativity web site are:

  • To build a group of members who are fluent in accessing, and working with, higher levels of consciousness and have used this ability in their work – whether it be writing books, consulting, mentoring, or an activity in the practical conventional world.
  • In this group, to share our personal experience, and see whether it is possible to build a coherent picture of how to work fluently with these higher levels of consciousness
  • If possible, to draw up a consensus view of this particular process 
  • To work with ideas of how to promote the services offered by individual members
  • If the above can be achieved, then to consider whether we might promote these ideas further afield
  • If there is sufficient interest, to think about building a support organisation


Who are potentially potentially interested in joining us in this venture,  then please look at our website –


 if you want to take things further,  contact us at the email address we give on the site

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