Over the centuries, many people have worked with the Wisdom and used what they were able to learn in practical applications in the everyday world.

Many people today are working in this way. For various reasons, they may keep quiet about their source of inspiration, but it is nonetheless something they actively work with.  We have enjoyed sharing activities with a number of these people.

We thought it would be helpful to give a few examples of people who have inspired us. It seemed preferable not to mention people alive today, but rather to look at some recent figures. There are many such successful and active people – below we give brief details of four key figures, arbitrarily chosen, from the late 19th and early 20th century.

They are all well-known and there is excellent information about them on Wikipedia – which might inspire further research


Helena Blavatsky

Born Yelena Petrovna von Hahn 12 August 1831

Died 8 May 1891

Wrote – Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine

Established Theosophical Society

Annie Besant

Born Annie Wood 1848

Died 20 Sepyember 1933

Succeeded Mme Blavatsky as President of Theosophical Society

Wrote a number of books 

A gifted Lecturer and Speaker

Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner

 Born 27 February 1861

Died 30 March 1925

 Expert on Goethe

Set up Anthroposophical Society

Wrote Numerous Books Established Waldorf Schools

 Alice Ann Bailey

 Born Alice La Trobe-Bateman – June 16 1880

Died December 15 1949

Channelled Books by the ‘Tibetan’

Set up Lucis Trust Publishing House

Set up Arcane School Teaching

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