we address our objects of:

Exploring the contribution the ‘Wisdom’ is able to make to the solution of contemporary practical problems, both individual and corporate.

By providing the services of ‘Enabling’ to individuals and projects

All our services and projects are  'joint-ventures'  

in which we and our client exchange views and ideas, and come to a conclusion based upon our combined ideas and experience

 Our services are supplied to an individual rather a project as a whole..

 These services are designed to meet the particular requirements of the individual and are broadly as follows

Personal Life

  • Understanding the Wisdom
  • Learning how to access the Wisdom
  • Listening to the Wisdom
  • Visualising and defining personal Purpose Objectives
  • Developing skills in achieving objectives

Building a Project

 As above plus:

  • Developing and improving their particular technical and professional skills
  • Setting up a basic business and its administration
  • Defining market and clients
  • Defining Organisation structure and responsibilities
  • Finding and employing staff and volunteers
  • Finding and obtaining needed sources of finance, property and equipment. 
  • Publishing websites, booklets, pamphlets etc. etc.
  • Promoting, marketing and selling
  • Building up a network


Working with individuals and organisations to help in understanding and advising upon the Enabling Process - including

Working with inspired individuals - including

  • Understanding the Wisdom
  • Listening to the Wisdom
  • Visualising and defining Purpose and Objectives

Interpreting Objectives

Putting inspired ideas into definitions understandable by providers of conventional resources

Material fluency

  • Fully understanding the requirements of the providers of conventional resources
  • and how to present cases to them in an acceptable fashion

Corporate structure

Ability to advise on suitable structure as and when necessary 

On-going support

Where applicable, provide ongoing support until the envisaged project is flourishing and sustainabl

 If you would like further informatin on our services and concepts

 please contact us - Savaric.w@gmail.com