In our Home page we say that Realising is  - 

Setting up the structure needed to coordinate and supervise all aspects of the process in order to produce a satisfactory result from the original inspiration

We cover this in our page on Creating as follows-

Realising the Intuitive Concept

  • A need is expressed, or created, for an objective as a result of consciously accessed intuitive inspiration
  • The designer, inventor or creator is usually an individual working on their own
  • The creator conceives an idea of how to achieve the ultimate objective.
  • The idea is visualized in detail and the final outcome is clearly visualized
  • The methods needed to achieve the final outcome are loosely defined – the details are left for instructions from the ongoing guidance.
  • If the idea being visualized is a community project, then there will soon become apparent a need for people and other resources.
  • Some of this may come from volunteers and donations, but inevitably some funding will be needed.
  •  Any potential funding source will need concrete plans with defined steps towards a sustainable future
  • Now we meet the first major obstacle !
  •  Creators, fluent with the intuitive creative process, are often antagonistic to the concrete, materialistic requirements of the suppliers of the necessary funding
  • At this stage, the creator either needs to possess the skills of an Enabler, or retain the services of a person or organization able to provide these skills
  • A new project will need a significant amount of organizing in the way of legal structure and financial accounts help and organization – this may not be a skill of the creator - again someone will have to be found to perform this function
  • From this time on, whoever is doing the Enabling will be needed to fill the vital role of allowing a properly structured organization to emerge in order to implement the inspiring ideas of the creator.
  •  throughout the whole of this second stage, the creator continues to provide important ideas received from the guidance, whilst of the organization as a whole is running along conventional lines 

what we see is the need for the inspired Creator to conform sufficiently to the needs of the materialistic society in which they are operating

We look at this process in our book - Creating Spiritully Inspired Projects

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