We seek to increase awareness of the usefulness of spiritual understanding in its application to practical material problems.  We aim to do this by building this website into a useful resource, publishing books and booklets and working with others to promote this concept.

A Global Project

We seek to work with others to set up a global consulting organisation

  • working with spiritually inspired scientists and academics
  • supported by material experience and resource

in order to address material problems in the particular areas of -

  • ecology and global warming
  • health and personal responsibility
  • education
  • a wholistic, rather than polarised,  approach to problem solving

We see this in three interlinked sections

A worldwide group - 

of holistically inspired scientists, academics and professionals. Provide them with membership of an organisation such as to enable them to to say that they work in a holistic manner, with all that that implies, and be free to collaborate with each other without compromise.

A central organisation - 

able to support its holistic members and to work with them to deliver worthwhile services – an organisation that is accepted as credible and professionally run by both its members and the world at large

This organisation to supply a range of services including research, publications, websites seminars, events and consulting services

Links with business people, politicians and financiers

 - who are fully supportive of the objects of the project and are able to supply the experience and financial and other resources required in order to build the organisation.

A Research Centre

We are working with others,  to eatblish a Research Centre, in Glastonbury, UK, specialising in researching all aspects of the practical application of the Wisdom to everyday personal and working life.

The organisation to have links with academics, in the UK and Internationally, interested in the same subject.

Existing Projects

We have been involved with a number of projects in Glastonbury - including

Glastonbury Trust – a fund-providing charity - inspired with a vision for developing Glastonbury. UK, as a centre of a spiritual pilgrimage and transformation.

Glaston Centre Ltd - a  not-for-profit company - providing information on the town of Glastonbury UK, and active support for emerging community projects.

Projects we might addesss

We could endeavour to find, from the Wisdom, ideas on possible solutions to some of the current problems facing mankind namely:

  • Covid-19 Virus
  • Global Warming
  • mass migration
  • 'Post Virus' solutions for
  • economic problems
  • mass unemployment
  • health problems
  • education problems