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In this site we are exploring ways in which conscious access to the intuition

may be used to solve practical material problems

We are a company that has offered consulting services to individuals and corporations, with the purpose of helping them achieve their objectives and flourish in a sustainable fashion. In recent years we have worked with charities and not-for-profit companies.

Most of this work has been done in Glastonbury UK.  In this town, we have worked with individuals, initiating new projects. who appear to be working with the guidance of a higher level of consciousness.  In these cases, it seems that a specialised way is needed of understanding, accessing, listening to and using this guidance - then being able to present a credible case to the suppliers of resources that will be needed to realise the project. 

We call this the 

‘Enabling Process’ 

We have used this Process for many years and have found that it is an effective and useful skill.  Using this Process, needs an acceptance and understanding of the ability to access higher levels of consciousness -  and accepting that this accessing can potentially lead to constructive answers to practical problems, not readily available by normal Intellectual means

We believe that this process has the potential to be widely used in solving practical problems and in fact,  knowingly or unknowingly. is being be applied by others in solving such problems.

We want to share our ideas on this Process

if there is some supportive interest, then agree a definition of the Process

and possibly publish information and develop courses on the subject

This website, and its companions, gives an outline of the Enabling Process

We start by looking at Creating – the conventionally understood way in which new ideas and artefacts are created - and how it differs from the Enabling Process.

We then look at the Enabling Procress.This follows four broad stages -

We give the links below to the appropriate pages on this site

1. InspirationKnowing how to understand and access this Wisdom - recording the information that is received - then envisioning the action needed to bring the project into reality

Look at our sister site - SavaricWisdom.com -  for more information about the Wisdom

2.ResourcesKnowing how to negotiate with conventional sources of finance,  and the other resources needed, in order to build a sustainable effective project

3. 'Enabling'The skills needed to understand the initiating vision and to be able to put this into the words needed in order to gain the interest of the necessary resources

Look at our sister site - SavaricEnable.com -  for more information about the Enabling Process

4. Realising - Setting up the structure needed to coordinate and supervise all aspects of the process in order to produce a satisfactory result from the original inspiration

We give basic information in these four stages - and amplify this information in our sister websites as follows:

Glastonbury - Much of our work has been carried out in Glastonbury UK – a place with a unique history of myth, legend and spiritual energy. A wide selection of services are provided in the town to help individuals build awareness of higher levels of consciousness and their ability to access and work with these levels.

We give further information in our sister site :  SavaricGlaston.com 

Our current work

In our on page on Objects we define our current objectives.

in our page on Projects we set out how we are addressing our objectives - in the follow on pages we look at specific subjects.

This Web Site

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