Working with the Wisdom


In our Page on the Wisdom, we look at the concept of higher levels of consciousness and the presence there of Beings with access to a Wisdom that is not intellectually accessible.


In our page on Accessing the Wisdom we look at methods and practices that are other than the conventional intellectual approach.


Now we want to look at ways of Working with this Wisdom in everyday life.


But here we have the problem but none of this is understandable unless we understand the whole concept of working with Higher Levels of consciousness


So, we start with our draw down page – Personal – where we look at how these concepts are incorporated in the life of an individual.


We follow with our draw down page on – Community – we look at how an individual, in tune with our concepts, sets about building an inspired community project.


Then in our drawdown page – Consulting – we look at the specialised skills that are needed in understanding Wisdom inspired ideas and translating these into a proposal that is acceptable to conventional sources of the necessary support that will be needed for the project to prosper




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