Here we look at the professional skills needed to work in this specialised field.


Essentially those of an `interpreter’


The skills of such a practitioner fall under the following broad headings:


Understanding the Wisdom – an understanding, acceptance and fluency with the concept of higher levels of consciousness,


Ability to access the Wisdom – have developed the practice and skills needed to access the higher levels of consciousness – to be able to hear the information that is available – and to be able to record this information in suitable terms.


Fluency with the practical business world – not an expert in every field – but having a broad understanding, and experience, of how business, finance, commerce and charities work – plus a broad understanding of current computer practice.


Basic counselling skills – the ability to listen to what the client is saying and, by working with them, to help the client to clarify their concept of what they are setting out to achieve.


Interpretive skills – the ability to understand the inspired ideas of the client – to help in making a decision on whether these ideas are practical and sustainable – and, if so, to interpret this concept into a business plan that will be acceptable to conventional sources of finance and resources.


Negotiating skills – the ability to work with the client in helping with finding and employing volunteers, staff, premises and professional advice – plus help through the whole process of setting up the new project.


On-going Support – the ability to work as a non-executive colleague and advisor in helping the project to grow and develop.


Patience – they inspire projects take time to materialise and there are often many pitfalls on the way – the supporting consultant needs to be patient particularly when the project appears to be grinding to a halt’


Reality – the ability to assess whether the project is indeed inspired and is destined to come into being – this will usually become clear in the momentum behind the project – there may not be sufficient energy behind the project, at this time, and be better to hold it in abeyance until the time is right.


Tenacity – if the project is felt to be right, then vital quality is to keep going through all adversity – there will inevitably be problems and difficulties, and these have to be worked through with a calm clarity of purpose.


Imperturbability – whatever happens, the consultant remains calm and supports the client- even though the client may be going through all sorts of emotional difficulties. 





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