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Glastonbury Web Sites: providing funds to community projects in Glastonbury. range of support services to individuals and projects’s on in the town. listing of local activities well, gardens and events a look at unconventional Glastonbury
Other Web Sites:
There are many relevant web site - a few are listed below. Excellent encyclopedia of Theosophical terms The Lucius Trust continues the work of Alice Bailey - a mystery school offering a fund of esoterica information continuing the work of Rudolf Steiner Exploration of Gnostic and Hermetic beliefs - Frito Capra explores how Science and Spirituality can be fused in a single integrated system of thinking The Theosophical Society is a worldwide organization founded in 1875 to continue the work of Madame Blavatsky - Its primary aim is universal brotherhood without distinction of race, creed, color, gender - Exploring the search for harmony and inner peace, self-fulfillment, self-realization, peace of mind and calmness

Our own Books.

A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – 2010 Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7
Experience of being 'Called to Glastonbury' and working with projects in this town. Available through Glaston Centre Ltd

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – 2015 - ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6
Available though Glaston Centre Ltd and Amazon - Book and E-Book

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