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The Process of ‘Accessing the Wisdom’ is universally applicable
But it is applied in ways approriate to the situation –

How does this generic process work ?

We are looking at a ‘Process’ by which the Wisdom of Intuition and Higher Consciousness is accessed and made available to address a problem and find a solution.

The process starts with our understanding, and acceptance, of there being a fund of Wisdom available, at a higher level of consciousness that might be thought of as the world of the spiri

This Wisdom accessible through the intermediary and interpretive help of dis-incarnate beings we might think of as guides.

The start of the process is an idea for a possible project transmitted by these guides to a suitably receptive individual. Such an individual is able to work with this guidance – after considering the individual makes the decision whether or not to commit themselves to put their energy into bringing this project into being. If the decision is in the affirmative, then this is transmitted to the guides

The undertaking is received by the inspiring guides and, accepting that the idea is now grounded, they set about helping the project to materialise and flourish. This involves inspiring the necessary people and resources to make themselves available to support the project.

Most people have experienced moments of insight and flashes of intuition. Poets, authors, composers and artists often refer to their inspiring ‘Muse’.

The inspired individual now needed a sensitivity to the ideas, people and resources that will float up as a result of the process – and careful thought has to be given as to how these resources can usefully be applied to the project.

How we are confronted by a fundamental problem-

The originally inspired people – want to go with their ‘guidance’ – and react to hints and guidance that they receive as the project proceeds – to be flexible and ‘ Go with the Flow’ – Concrete plans are seeing are seen as getting in the way of this natural flow

The providers of the necessary resources – want to see clear concrete plans for what it is planned to achieve – with what resources – and when it will be seen as fully self funding and sustainable.

These two approaches are in complete conflict

Here it is that the role of the Enabler is needed

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