lsIn this website we are looking at ways in which we can work with the Wisdom available in higher levels of consciousness, and then apply the ideas received from this source our daily lives.

 Not everyone is fluent in this work and there is a room for a consultant working in this very specialised fieldIn this context we are not giving advice but working with the client to help them decided what it is they are setting out to achieve. The work may be a short series of initial meetings or continuing support throughout the growth and development of the project.We describe the skills needed in our page – Skills     

This experience can be applied in three areas:

The Personal – see our page Personal – helping the client to understand what might be called their ‘Divine Purpose’ in this life and to focus upon it 

Community Project –   see our Page – Community – help the initiators of such a project to ensure that they fully understanding inspiration behind the project and to focus upon how to act in such a way as to find the resources of people, finance and facilities needed in order to materialise their vision

Enabling – this is a specialised field – working with inspired inventors who have ideas of practical value but do not have the skills necessary in order to present the case to conventional sources of finance for the support that will be needed.

  We explore this in our drawn down page Enabling and the qualities required in our draw down page –Enabler

Further information in our sister website –


                  This is a rewarding field of consulting – it is enjoyable and fulfilling 

                       but often needs a very considerable amount of patience !

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