About Us


The company’s origins are in Crabtree Taylor International Limited - a company set up as a consultant company in 1970. This company is still trading, but Savaric Whiting has been set up as a separate company specializing in working with ‘Spiritually Inspired’ community projects and individuals. Many people have been involved with the work of this company, but the principal is:

Barry Taylor

Lives in Glastonbury. Has an MA in Engineering from Oxford University and has been a Relate Counsellor.
Spent 17 years in the City of London as Director and Managing Director of an Export Finance House, and since then has been a self-employed management consultant and company director.

Has been the co-founder, chair, treasurer or trustee of many charities and not-for-profit companies including:

  • London Marriage Guidance Council
  • Wessex Counseling Services
  • Glastonbury Trust
  • Isle of Avalon Foundation
  • Library of Avalon
  • Chalice Well Trust
  • Pilgrim Reception Centre
  • Glaston Centre Ltd.

Has published two books:

A Pilgrim in Glastonbury – 2010 Abbey Press – ISBN 0-9533203-6-7

Experience of being 'Called to Glastonbury' and working with projects in this town.

Creating Spiritually Inspired Projects – 2015 - New Generation Publishing ISBN 978-1-78507-208-6 -

E-book available on Amazon.uk.com

An outline of what is involved in ‘being inspired’, and setting up and establishing a project

Both these books are available from Glaston Centre Limited


We are using the name of Savaric fits Goldwin as an historic example of what we are looking at today - the balance between spirituality and practical action in the material world - and one closely connected with Glastonbury.

The Idea

We contend that when considering a problem in the material world, whether human or technical, being aware and in harmony with that which is immeasurable, leads to a more satisfactory, holistic, coherent, balanced and constructive address of the challenges.

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